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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 23, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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than 400,000 digital copies of britney spears' newest single. -- captions by vitac -- welcome, everyone, to the second hour of cnn news. we have this right now. it is breaking news. it is happening out of detroit. it leads our top stories. at least three police officers we're told were shot inside the precinct on the city's west side. there you're looking at video from the scene. this is all coming to us. this is according to our affiliates which report a gunman walked into the precinct there and opened fire. the officers were taken to a hospital. their conditions right now are not yet known. we're working with our reporters there on the scene and our affiliates and we're also expecting a press conference. police say officers returned fire and the gunman is dead. so joining me now to talk about it as i said is detroit -- is an
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investigative reporter from detroit. his name is scott lewis. he's from our affiliate wxyz. what in the world is going on? >> reporter: this has been a tough week in detroit. this is the second. unfortunately the other one from a suburb called livonia who was investigating a burkley last week was shot and killed. now we have -- i can confirm not three but four officers injured in the shooting at a police district on the northwest side of detroit. it happened around 4:30 today. >> four officers. describe what happened. i know you're getting reports there. this gunman walked into the precinct, and what happened? >> reporter: what we have in the northwest district. there's no bulletproof glass. you vuft have police officers sitting behind desks. around 4:30 today the man walked into the district. he looked to the police like he was a citizen coming in for some kind of help. my information is that he walked by the police desk, raise add
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shot gun, fired a shot at a female sergeant, hitting her in the chest. fortunately she had a bulletproof vest and was not seriously hurt. at that point he turn and fired another shot behind the desk. he hit a police commander in the back. the police commander returned fire. another sergeant was hit in the face, i think a grazing wound. when all was said and done, four people were hurt. the police commander is in surgery right now. he's in pretty serious condition and the gunman was killed by other officers who returned fire. >> okay. scott, i know you went through it. slowly go through the number of officers injured. you said for at least shot. their conditions again. >> reporter: we have four police officers shot. the most seriously hurt is the police commander who was shot in the back, the side, and the hand. he's in the hospital right now in serious condition in surgery. the other officers, i'm told, that their injuries are not
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life-threatening. one may not have even gone to the hospital, the sergeant who was hit in the chest had a bulletproof vest. so it looks to me at this opponent like only one of the officers was very seriously hurt by this gun maman. and at this point we don't know what he set him off, why he walked in at around 4:30 in the afternoon and just opened fire. >> the gunman again is dead. don't go anywhere, scott. i'm going to keep you on phone because we're hearing they're going to have a press conference. this is breaking news we're hearing. let's get those pictures back up. at least four police officers. that's according to our affiliate wxyz. four police officers shot on the west side of the city. a gunman walked into the precinct there and just opened fire. a number of those officers are still in the hospital. again, we're -- the reporter is telling us the condition there. he said one of the officers most seriously hurt is a police commander shot in the back, the side, and the hand.
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the police chief and the mayor about to hold a press conference at any moment. joining us now is scott lewis from wxyz. he's an investigative reporter there. do you know where we are on the update from police and the mayor, scott? >> reporter: i don't know exactly what they're going to have to say, how many details they'll release. i know it was a very chaotic scene at the police district. this was all captured on the security cameras. and one of my sources that i talked to had seen some of the video. there were a number of cameras, so it would jump from camera to camera camera, and at times it was difficult to tell the exact sequence of events, but i'm sure they're trying to sort out exactly who this guy was, what his grievance was and i'm hoping the mayor and the police chief will be able to give us more on the condition of the officer, particularly the condition of the commander who we told was seriously hurt. >> listen, scott. you said you have looked at video do. you have your hands on ha video now? is this surveillance video,
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cameras from within the police station, right? >> reporter: no, i don't have my hands on the video. i talked to a police source at the scene who was able to see pieces of the video who was able to describe to me some of what happened in the police station, but i'm sure they're going to take that video and secure it and will be going through it carefully frame by frame to really piece together the exact sequence of what happened. >> scott, at last check at cnn, there were three officers injured here. how did you get the fourth officer? >> reporter: i have several police sources telling me there were four. again, only one of them at this point appears to be a serious injury. again, i think we'll get some good information out of the mayor and the police chief when they hold this news conference momentarily. >> do you know, is it at city hall, at the hospital, or at the police precinct? where are they holding it, do you know? >> reporter: i don't know where they're going to hold it.
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i would assume it's at police headquarters in downtown district. this is one of our districts. we have six or seven districts in detroit. some of the officers i even been talking to on the phone today were concerned about security at these places because they don't have bulletproof glass. and in many of the detroit suburbs where the crime rate is much lower than in the city of detroit you have police stations that you walk in and the officers are all protected by bulletproof glass. so i think we will have some questions raised in the coming days and weeks about whether we have enough security in these police stations in our city. >> yeah. that's a very good point. we're looking at live pictures that are coming in. here we go. that's the mayor there. the mayor of detroit, dave bing. let's listen to this press conference about the officers who were shot today. >> four of our officers were wounded. i will give you the ranks but i
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would ask that you police not give names. we're not sure if all of the family members have been notified and we certainly do not want them to find out their family member was injured through the media. so i respect your journal is tick integrity and you'll abide beby it. the commander was injured, shot in the lower back. he came out of surgery. his condition during the surgery was considered critical because any time you go into surgery it's considered critical. however the prognosis for the commander, we feel, is very good, very encouraged by the doctors' report. the sergeant, female sergeant was shot in the chest but fortunately her bullest-resistant vest deflected any major injury. she has been treat and released. one of the police officers had a graze wound to the head.
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his condition temp serious. i'm sure he's going to be be kept for observation. he's doing well, alert. i had an opportunity to speak with him. and the last injured individual is a sergeant also, a male. he had a graze wound to the head. again, he is conscious, alert, talking. so we are actively investigating this right now. it really is as cut and dry as i have just indicated to you. i want to thank the mayor for his leadership in being here. members and board of commissioners. councilman james tate, chaplains, hundreds of police officers who came to support their comrades who were fallen. the individual who is responsible for initiating this isdeceased. we returned fire. he is deceased. for the public's sake, the sixth precinct. the plymouth and warwick station because of the nature of what
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happened, it's an active crime scene, it's being investigated. so if there's any service that the public needs relative to police reports, we recommend they go to the 10th precinct or 12th precinct. we'll provide the addresses. if you have any questions you can dial 313-596-2022. outside of that as a department we're just very sobered by the events but just very relieved that it appears that all of the officers are going to be okay. with that, if you have any questions, we'll take a few questions. right now it's tooarily to characterize h who he is. we're exercising due diligence. right now we have very lit toll
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offer about the perpetrator. >> what kind of security is in place at the police station. >> the same security that's in place at every police station which is cameras. in light of what happened in tucson, arizona, obviously, with congresswoman giffords and then with this incident, of course, we have to take a step back and reassess security procedures at each one of our facilities. inspector don johnson who heads our homeland security, he has already started the task of doing an analysis of all of our precincts and every place where we serve the public, and it is just -- it's possible -- more than likely that we will be changing a number of things relative to standard operating procedures as to how we screen our public before they come in. obviously we want to still maintain a community policing format. we want to engage our public. but by the same token, incidents like this are very sobering and remind us just how vulnerable we
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all are, especially in the public sector when we offer our lives every day to public service. so we have to be extra vigilant. i owe it to my officers. we owe it to our officers to take a look at security procedures at all of our facilities. >> are you listening to it. dave designing what's happening just to recap a little bit. that's the police chief, i'm sorry, the police chief of detroit there describing what happened. ralph godbee, the police chief saying that four officers were injured when a gunman on a rampage apparently walked into a precinct on the west side of detroit and just started shooting. he also warned the reporters in the crowd not to run out and talk to family members because some of them had not been notified. among them injured, a commander hit in the lower back. out of surgery right now, in critical condition. the prognosis is good. a woman sergeant shot in the chest. her vest deflected any major
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injuries. another officer a graze wound to the face. another man, graze wound to the head. conscious, alert, and is talking. right now they say they don't know who the dwunman is. he is dead and they don't know his motive, why he went in there. they have no idea. but they do say they are reassessing security at their police precinct right now. we have an affiliate reporter joining us. he's going to talk to us in just a moment. other breaking news happening today. exclusive information we got from connecticut. that woman accused of kidnapping the baby from the hospital 23 years ago, well, she is in custody now and she is talking and our susan candiotti is following that story with some breaking information. we're back in a moment. [ female announcer ] applying lip balm over...
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the federal charges that she is facing right now. susan, she was spotted trying to pawn some jewelry. >> reporter: yes, don. apparently the big break in this case started yesterday afternoon. she was sighted at a pawn shop here in bridgeport, connecticut. she was trying to sell some of her jewelry. she didn't like the price she was given and walked out. she only spent about two minutes there. an alert employee called the police and they responded to the pawn shop right away. >> they were able to obtain video surveillance from the store and based on what they observed and from photographs we had of her we confirmed it was her. >> and she came in by herself? >> she came in by hes, yes. she turned around and left on foot. the clerk advised the detectives that he didn't observe her get into a car. he immediately jumped on the
7:16 pm
telephone and called the police department. made them aware of his sightings. >> reporter: a law enforcement source telling us sometime after that, it might have even happened today, that pettway contacted the police department and after that she turned herself in to the fbi. >> earlier you broke the story saying she now faces federal kidnapping charges. so where is she now? >> reporter: we believe that she has been transported to manhattan. we know this because she is making her very first appearance there in federal court on these federal kidnapping charges there tomorrow morning. >> susan, is there any word from carlina white or her family about pettway's surrender? >> reporter: you know, we haven't been able to reach the family tonight but we can tell you carlina, and especially her mother, reportedly last week had said that if there's one thing
7:17 pm
the birth mother would like to do is speak to the woman responsible for stealing her baby from the hospital and ask her why did she do this. >> susan candiotti, thank you for your reporting. more than 120 members of the alleged mafia arrested. the biggest mob bust in u.s. history. you'll hear from a real mob insider, the guy who the movie "goodfellows" was based on. and president obama gets ready for his state of the union address. first i want to check out what actor matthew mcconnie is doing to help children. >> hi, i'm matthew mccon a hay. we can make an impact on kids' lives by teaching them to exercise right, eat healthy and make the best life choices they can and grow up and be the best men and women we can be.
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that's what we're trying to do at the foundation. so it's about making choices where you can be the best you can be, the happiest you can be in your own life. join the movement. impact your world at
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all right. this just in to cnn. it is another breaking news story. this is becoming ridiculous. another shooting. we're told this time in washington state. and i also involves police officers. here's what our affiliate kiro is reporting. they're saying that two officers were shot at a port archer walmart. two officers and two victims. two officers and two victims shot at a walmart. they're also saying there are earlier reports that there are two suspects in custody and the scene is secure. we're going to continue following this story. breaking news, again, two police officers, two other victims shot at a walmart in washington state. also breaking news to tell you about out of detroit. at least four police officers, that's according to the police chief who just held a press conference a short time ago. four police officers shot at a precinct on the west side of the city. earlier today a gunman walked in on a rampage, started firing at the officers. four of them were injured.
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one right now is in serious condition, but they believe the prognosis is okay. the gunman, according to the police ch, dead. they don't know who the gunman is. they don't know the motive. following both of these breaking news stories here on cnn. it is time to talk politics right now. some really interesting developments involving possible presidential hopefuls in 2012 and our senior political editor is here to share his insight. mark, hate to come to you after bad news stories so we're going to change the tone here. it's important what's going to happen tuesday night. but first tomorrow night, rudy giuliani is on our new program called "piers morgan tonight." he hassing are interesting things to say about sarah palin. check it out and we'll talk. >> would you be more tempted to run if she was. ? >> maybe the opposite.
7:23 pm
>> really? >> maybe the opposite. my one chance if i have a chance -- i'm considered a moderate republican. so the more republicans in which i can show a contrast, probably the better chance that i have. >> so you've become the acceptable face as a republican party. >> i don't know if i'm acceptable. the way i got elected mayor of new york city. my slogan was you can't do any worse. things are so bad you need me. >> so, mark, explain to us rudy giuliani's thinking if you can. >> well, you know, don, there's been a lot of talk in the republican party especially with the advent of the tea party movement and certainly their influence over the republican party. is it going to move more to the right or is it going to become a big ten party. what we're hearing from the former mayor there is he thinks he would be a kaemt that would be good for the big ten party. they're more liberal on abortion
7:24 pm
and same-sex marriage but when it comes down to the economy e he could appeal well to them as well as the idea of being tough on crime. so i think that's what we're hearing from rudy giuliani. >> mark preston, thank you very much. we want too say "piers morgan tonight" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. take us forward with the state of the union address on tuesday. thank you, mark. see you soon. why did former dictator bake dock duvalier return to haiti? plus, your best viral video including new 3-d imaging that will cause your eyes to flutter. so you have five brothers.
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there weren't many but several caught our attention. first up, the video of 3-d imaging. >> here, i see a -- i see a shape that feels really real. i could even touch it. the quality is really amazinama >> is that real? all right. well, you can see the device is attached to his temple. his eyes flutter wildly. it's one of the more unusual videos we saw this week. the song is a popular greek tune that dates back to at least the 1920s. most people associate it with the film "pulp fiction." it features one guitar, four hands, and two pencils.
7:28 pm
♪ >> now i know that song. powe le guitarist. finger strumming on the string. h person with the pencil is mickey. he and his son often perform together. they even played this piece at a biggy tar come pe tilgs in germany a couple years ago. anyone with dr. seuss. >> take it slowly. this book is dangerous. >> i'm going to read the news like that next time. the girl has a special talent for speed talking. she wowed the crowd by blafing
7:29 pm
through the book in just over two minutes. next time you're in hurry to get through story time with your kids or grandkids you might let them watch this video or bring her over and let her do it. i want you to listen to this now. >> i'm from seattle and i starting whoring when i was 16. >> i started in the sex industry was i was 16. >> i've been in the gang since i was 13. >> the business of legal prostitution and the women behind i. you'll hair their stories and why some are still haunted by their past. it is a special cnn investigation. thatcy ahead. plus on the heels of the biggest mob bust in u.s. history. you'll hear from a former mafia insider. but first a harvard educated lawyer is brought in to turn around baltimore's troubled schools. education contributor steve perry talks to him about how he's pulling it off. >> what's a harvard educated
7:30 pm
lawyer doing running baltimore city schools. >> sense of insanity maybe. >> after working with the new york city's department of education he took on baltimore's troubles in 2007. the impoverishnd and crime-ridden city had gone through six superintendents in six years. you come down here and you made it clear that things will never be the same. >> i believe, as we should all believe, that every kid must learn, can learn, that you cannot use poverty as an excuse, that you have to do whatever is necessary to make sure that our kids learn. >> 75% of your principles are new? >> that is correct. there are so many people in school that are invested, want to do what is right. we're an example. our teachers approved the contract where they will no longer get paid every year on
7:31 pm
the basis of seniority. they'll get paid every year on the basis to prove their effectiveness. the details of the system are still being worked out but it will be tied to school testing. he'll let schools choose their schools and gave principals full control over the school's budgets. >> in order to maintain the teachers you have to give them the tools of respect. by dr. alonzo pushing the resources to me as a principal, i can push them down to the teachers so that they can get into the classrooms. >> would you send your daughter to your school? >> absolutely. that's the measure. >> steve perry, baltimore.
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new information on the story that is just in just moments ago. it is the shooting that we have been hearing about in washington state at a walmart there, port ar chard, washington state. this information is in from cnn. it's from the sheriff's office. a spokesman there says there are initial report fofs pure people injured in a shooting outside a walmart in washington. four people. our affiliates are reporting that two of those people are police officers wchl don't know their conditions. but, again, that's what we're hearing. at leaf four people shot. we're following that breaking news. also breaking news out of detroit to tell you about. a gunman is dead and four police officers injured after that
7:35 pm
gunman walked into a precinct on the west side of the city, opened fire, injuring them. they don't know who the gunman is at this time. hi don't know his motive. but they know that four officers are injured and the gunman is dead. all of the officers expected to be okay. one is in surgery or has been in surgery and is now in critical condition but his prognosis looks good. we'll follow that breaking news for you here on cnn tonight. the fbi is calling it the biggest mafia bust in history. more than 20 alleged mafia figures arrested in a single day. there's a whole stack of charges including murder, racketeering, illegal gambling and narcotics trafficking. it brings the mind some of the infamous mafia stories we've seen over the years. one of them is "goodfellows." remember that? take a look at this. >> didn't matter. didn't mean anything. when i was broke, i would go out and rob some more.
7:36 pm
we ran everything. we paid off cops, paid off lawyers, paid off judges. everybody had their hands out. everything was for the taking. and now it's all over. >> all right. that was the movie part of it. that was ray liota. we've got the real henry hill. henry, you were an 'associate of one of the seven families targeted in these busts. henry, i've got to ask you whether or not any of these guys -- i'm going to ask you about these guys first. i want to know, why aren't you in protection right now. why aren't you in witness protection because you said some things about some pretty bad people. don't people want to kill you? >> not anymore. i mean that was 30 years ago. the people i was involved with, they're all deceased or doing life sentences. i think they have their own problems right now, especially
7:37 pm
with the bust in new york. you know, with all those guys that got arrested. i knew a few of them. a few of them were my age. i was associated with a few of them. >> who did you know? >> pardon. >> who did you know? you knew a few of the 127? the names, i can't even go down the list, but there was a couple of guys that i had ran into and i had known in my dealings in new york. >> so listen. authorities used informants to gather evidence for the busts and you became an informant in the '80s. what goes through your head when you flip on the other side, when you change sides? >> well, i mean, number one, i was finally at it in life, i tried to get out of it quite a few times and i wasn't able to, you know. you know, i -- the only thing i
7:38 pm
can say is, you know, i was fortunate. i was blessed that, you know, i survived all these years, you know, and i'm still alive to be here, you know and look out for my family and what have you. >> okay. so, listen, henry, the information you gave to the february resulted in 50 convictions. these recent busts, will they actually hurt the mafia or do you think more guys will step up and take their place? >> absolutely. i'm sure with the 127 they arrested, there's 249 people looking to take -- you know, take their positions over. it's a thing -- they're not going to -- the mob is not going to go out of business. as long as there's gambling and illegal gambling, labor rackets, they're going to survive. the mob is going to survive.
7:39 pm
they put a good dent in them, you know. they'll have a big headache for a long time, you know, these guys that got arrested. and they've got a long -- you know, a long road ahead of them, you know, but the government is right on top of them. they're a lot more sophisticated than they were in 1980 when i went into the witness protection program. >> henry. >> yes, sir. >> let me ask you this. have you noticed -- you're not inside anymore. have you noticed the mafia, has it changed with these busts? are they slowly, you know, drip by drip, dwindling down, organized crime. do you see a big change and d you see one day -- i'm sure we never will end it, but do you see a big diminish in organized crime one day? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. i mean as long as there's an illegal dollar to make -- you know, for these guys to earn -- the criminals are going to be there. they don't want to -- they don't want to pick up a lunch pail and
7:40 pm
go to work. you know, they want to live ooff, you know, the misery of other people and they're going to. as long as that exists -- but they put a good dent in them. you know, they put a real good dent in them. >> yeah. hay, henry, i've got to run. are you okay with being called a former mob boss? i was never a mob boss. i was -- i was an informant, that's all. >> all right. henry hill, you're a brave man. thank you is much. we appreciate you coming on cnn. best of luck. stay safe. >> thank you very much for having me. former haitian dictator says he's returned to haiti to recover millions of dollars in frozen assets to help rebuild the country. we'll talk to an american attorney representing him and press him on his motives. that's next.
7:41 pm
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capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. all right. for a week now, the world has been asking why former dictator jean-claude "baby dock" duvalier has returned to haiti. now an attorney sighs he wants to reclaim money for the foundation. supposedly it's to benefit haiti and not duvalier personally. we have the attorney now. his name is ed marger. he's joining us by phone. thanks for calling in here. duvalier was accused of cleaning out haiti's national treasury during his rule. now we hear money is the reason he is back there. can you see why that would make people suspicious? are we able to hear him? okay. apparently we're not hearing
7:44 pm
him. we'll get him on the phone again. ed marger is the attorney for baby dock duvalier down in haiti. coming back years after ruling out the treasury there, now saying he is doing it, he's coming back now because he wants to take that money and he wants to give it back to haiti. we'll see if we can get him on the other side of a break. but first i want you to listen to this. i'm from seattle and i started whoring when i was 16. >> i got started in the sex industry when i was 16. >> i've within in the gang since i was 13. >> all right. women at the bunny ranch are candid about legal pros city substitution but also share their disturbing past as well. you're going to hear that next. it is a cnn special investigation. ♪
7:45 pm
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prostitution is illegal in america with the exception of a few rural counties in nebraska. cnn's amber lyon has spent a year investigating the illegal trafficking. a brutal trade affecting up to 300,000 american children. she went to the most famous lethal brothel. the moonlight bunny ranch. the women work there freely and make good money but many are still haunted by their past. >> hi, honey, how are you? that's a lot of sexual trafficking going on. >> dennis hop.
7:48 pm
he's been called america's pimpmaster general but he considers himself a businessman and what he does is legal. hop is the owner of the most famous lethal brothel in america, the moonlight bunny ranch. it's the setting for hbo's long running reality series sex house. >> people love the sex business and i love being a part of it. >> what he doesn't love are pimps. >> you think pimps suck. >> they're the worst in the world. birmingham, charleston. it's everywhere in america. there are pimps trying to grab the life of young girls and take them away from their families? and what types of money are pimps pulling in? >> oh, tens of thousands of dollars a week. >> a week. >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> what is it with underaged girls? why are there so many underaged
7:49 pm
girls? >> they're easily manipulated. they're young, they're naive, but the price they pay is horrendous. >> he says that he wants to set the record straight. let the public know that life in his legal brothel is a far cry from the lives of most american prostitutes. ladies, this is amber. she's here visiting, she wants to spend some time with you all. they come in and make their money and go back home and lead their life. let me walk you around and show you everything. there's just rooms down here. the girls decorate them like they want. we want people to be comfortable. l.e.d. plasma tvs. it looks like a regular bedroom. what is this? >> this is a swing. >> i don't quite know how this works snow it's really easy. >> all right. let's move onto the next room. just boobs in the hallway.
7:50 pm
>> they're in the safest possible area they're tested weekly for stds. they have panic buttons in their room if a client gets out of line and they keep half of their cash. some make six figure incobs. >> i know you all are of age now and you're hit if a client gets line. they also keep half of their cash. some make six figure incomes. >> i know you guys are all of age now and you are in the business now legally but how many of you were sex trafficked underaged when you started in the business. can you raise your hand real high? >> so we have one, two, three. >> we counted hands and asked the women to tell us their stories. >> i'm from seattle. i started horing when i was 16. >> i got started in the sex industry when i was 15. >> i have been in the gang since i was 13. >> all were effectively sex
7:51 pm
slaves, controlled by pimps. >> virginity wasn't an option where i came from. it was taken from you. so when you get into the game or when you like have somebody telling, you no he, you can sleep with me from money and you already lost your virginity, it's like, why not? why not? sex is not as sacred as it once was. >> so, amber lyon joins me now here on cnn. amber, we always hear about prostitution. people say, it should be legalized, it is the oldest profession in the world. they don't understand the subtle nuances that you probably learned throughout your yaer of investigating. >> as a society, people tend to demean prostitutes, call them whores and hos.
7:52 pm
amajority started as underaged sex trafficking victims. >> as this ranch, there is -- there are no pimps at ranches. >> what we looked at in this documentary "selling the girl next door." we looked at modern day sex trafficking of underaged girls. majority takes place on line. a lot of these girls, some estimate 300,000, are american girls being sold on the streets of america. when you think of trafficking, you think this is happening to foreign girls. >> in this city, atlanta, it is one of the worst. the girls, who i know they have some sad stories about the past. the ones that end up at the bunny ranch, that's probably the best place they could end up. the ones that end up on the street. >> that's what dennis was telling us. he said he feels that his show
7:53 pm
is saying that all prostitutes are living that way. the sad truth is the majority of prostitutes on the street are treated as slaves, forced to be out there by pimps and doentd get to keep any of the money they make. >> amber lyon, thanks again. "selling the girl next door" it airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. "selling the girl next door." two entrees, from a menu of classic favorites and new creations. and your choice of either an appetizer or a dessert to share. your favorite seafood with your favorite person, just $29.99. for a limited time at red lobster.
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breaking news on cnn. these are the first pictures out of port orchard, washington, of that walmart, where four people have been wound bid a gunman. we are being told by our affiliate, kiro, that it is an officer-involved shooting, two officers shot here. we don't know their injuries. according to a spokesperson in the county, four people have been injured at a shooting at a walmart in port orchard, washington. these pictures coming in from our affiliate, kiro. we don't have control of these pictures. they are coming in from our affiliate's chopper. they cordoned off the familiar parking lot, all of them look the same around walmarts in the country. they have cordoned off that parking lot there. they are looking again, i'm sure, investigating to see what
7:57 pm
happened. we are being told these are reports. this is not cnn's reporting. we are hearing from our affiliate they believe there are two suspects that are in custody in this shooting in washington state. we are going to follow this developing story. that story and the one in detroit where four police officers were shot as well. we'll update you on that in just moments. let's get back to this story. for a week now the world has been asking why former dictator, jean-claude "baby doc" duvalier has returned to haiti. he is trying to return millions from a frozen bank account. supposedly, it is to benefit haiti and not duvalier personally. we have the attorney in haiti now. ed, due vavalier was accused of cleaning out the national treasury during his role. we hear that money is the reason
7:58 pm
he is back. can't you see why this is suspicious? >> one of the reasons he is back is not only money but to help the people of haiti. one of the ways to help is to get the money presently in switzerland released through some transparent organizations such as ernst & young or deloitte so they can handle his money and other donors and get something done in haiti. >> this is what people want to know. there is a new swiss law that goes into effect on the first of february that would make it easy for haitian authorities to access a frozen account all on their own. if they can show they couldn't prosecute duvalier. won't that make it harder for haiti to get that money now? >> well, when you say, get the money to haiti, who is the money to go to? if haiti is going to get the monty, does that mean it gets to the people. the purpose of the money is to
7:59 pm
get it to the people to use to reconstruct the damage done by the earthquake. giving it to the government is the last thing in the world that we would like to see happen to that money. >> i have to ask you this question. i have to put it bluntly. millions of people are suffering in haiti and many would place a lot of the blame on your client. what do you say to people who think he is back to rape the country? >> it is an amazing thing that they blame him for the ills of the country. first of all, there was an earthquake and an air stream and this present government. he hasn't been there for 25 years. the last stability in the government, the last stability in the state, the last stability in haiti was he occasioned by duvalier. what does he have to do with anything that is bad that has happened today. he is coming to correct


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